Where was call me when you re sober filmed?

A few of the band'solder tracks were recently released for entertainment purposes, according toleader Amy Lee. We stopped traveling two years ago, Lee remarked. Since it hasbeen a long, I am a little anxious but mostly excited. We were itching todevelop new songs and perform new material after the last tour.


We're now prepared toperform the song live once more to gauge its reception after all the recording,songwriting, and creating that has gone into it.


Marc Webb was thedirector of the music video, which had a 400.000 dollar budget and was shot inHollywood, Los Angeles, in July 2006.


Although the sessionswere originally supposed to begin in late June, they were moved to the secondweek of July.


Little Red Riding Hoodis the inspiration for the video's plot, which Lee describes as a"contemporary re-imagining" with a "more cool, superhero, rockand roll" lead character. Lee discussed the idea behind the video duringan interview with MTV News, saying that because of the song's explicit lyricsand title, "we felt that the video would have the opportunity to go in aless literal route." The video was shot with four personal trainers presentand several live wolves. While filming, Lee began to experience allergicreactions to the animals, but she was able to carry on and sing and pet the animalsnevertheless. Webb proposed to her the idea of performing a choreography inwhich she would down the stairs while being flanked by other female dancers,and Lee consented. The filmmaker reportedly asked Lee to straddle her partnerin the music video, but she declined because she didn't want to advertise sexand humorously said, "You can't blame a guy for trying," according tofootage from the behind-the-scenes clip.


In the video, OliverGoodwill plays the Big Bad Wolf, who tries to seduce Little Red Riding Hood,while Lee plays the role.


Beginning with Lee ata vanity in a red satin cape, the video shows her lip-syncing to the song'slyrics while seated at opposite ends of a dining table with Goodwill, who playsher lover. The next scene shows her standing in front of a mirror as her loverapproaches from behind. He begins massaging her shoulders and leans in for akiss, but Lee pulls away from him. The video also includes footage of Leesitting among wolves and the band performing the song together. The song'sbridge has Lee appearing to descend a staircase while being supported by fourbackup dancers wearing all-black attire; once at the bottom, Lee and thedancers begin to levitate. At the song's conclusion, chairs and other tabletopitems are thrown to the side as Lee is seen strolling across the length of thedining table. She sings, "I've made up your mind," gesturing for himto begin packing his things and go as she leans out to touch his lips at the oppositeend of the table. After the credits, Lee may be seen laughing behind the piano.


The song had 145million views on YouTube as of June 2022.

On August 7, 2006, theclip debuted on MTV, MTV2, VH1, and Fuse TV in the United States. It was alsoshown on MuchOnDemand in Canada. It was able to reach the top spot on MTV'sTotal Request Live (TRL). According to Corey Moss of MTV News, the image was"an abstract spin on somewhat literal lyrics".  Kelefa Saneh of The New York Times saw thevideo as a metaphor and noted that despite being around wolves, Lee didn't seemto be scared of them. Little Red Riding Hood, in the opinion of News Limitedcolumnist Kathy McCabe, is "the perfect part for the goth-rock diva."On VH1's list of the Top 40 Videos of 2006, the song's video came in at number10. At the 2007 MuchMusic Video Awards, it was nominated in the BestInternational Video by a Group category but lost to My Chemical Romance's"Welcome to the Black Parade" (2006). The video was also nominated fora 2007 NRJ Music Award for Best Video, however "De Retour" by M.Pokora won the award.


At the AOL MusicSessions in August 2006, Evanescence gave a solo acoustic performance of thesong using a guitar, keyboard, and cello.


On October 19, 2006,the band appeared at the awards show Los Premios MTV Latinoamérica 2006 inMexico City, performing "Call Me When You're Sober" and "BringMe to Life". Later, as part of the band's The Open Door Tour (2006–2007),which was in support of their second studio album, the song was added to thesetlist. Donnie Moorhouse of The Republican claims that during theperformances, it gets the "full band treatment." The title"pushes away from rock's party attitude," according to MilwaukeeJournal Sentinel's Jon M. Gilbertson, who was reviewing a performance by theband. He appreciated Lee's live rendition of the song nonetheless, writing that"She struck the notes throughout the entire set while projecting so loudlyand clearly that it appeared she was trying to go well beyond the boundaries ofthe Eagles Ballroom. In other words, refrain from yelling or growling." Everyonein the venue was headbanging along with Lee, whose hair was whipping aroundviolently as she sang the chorus, according to Chris Harris of Rolling Stone. CarolineSullivan of The Guardian observed that Lee "makes a triumphantfigure" despite the "doomy writhing and the darkness" of thesong.


Evanescence performed"Going Under" and "Call Me When You're Sober" at the 2006Jingle Ball.


On July 30, 2007, inMansfield, Evanescence performed the song as part of the Family Values Tour2007. They had a 65-minute set during the show and Sarah Rodman of The BostonGlobe praised the performance of the song, writing, "'Call Me When You'reSober' was a seething highpoint, with Lee heaving and hurling her bitternesslike so much china at a betrayer's head." On November 4, 2009, at theManhattan Center, the band played the song during a covert gig concert. Thegroup played the song at the 2009 Maquinaria event in So Paulo, Brazil, fourdays later. The song was later included in the set list of the group's thirdglobal tour in support of their third studio album of the same name (2011),known as the Evanescence Tour (2011–12). They also performed "Call Me WhenYou're Sober" during the 2011 Rock in Rio festival on October 2, 2011, aspart of the aforementioned tour. On April 11, 2012, the band performed"Call Me When You're Sober" at the 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awardsat the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. The song was subsequently included in theband's setlist for their tour, which toured cities in the US and Europe in 2016and 2017. David Simers of the website National Rock Review noted that the"decibel kept rising" with the performance of the track while evaluatinga concert from the tour.

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